Are You The One?

December 30, 2021

When picking a photographer you truly want to pick someone who is the right fit! Not every client/photographer match up is the best and I want to be sure I personally am the one before you hire me! Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting! 

1.)  Photographers are like snowflakes…

No two are the same! Some photographers are more straight to the point; get in, get out and get going. Some photographers will pose you in what I like to call “prom poses” the entire session, others will work more off of prompts than poses.

I am a prompt kind of girl, I will help move your hair out of your face when necessary but also totally encourage the natural, candid moments. There is something so magical about a genuine smile and laugh that you just cannot create when saying “Okay, 1..2..3..say cheese!”

2.) It’s A Vibe

You want to have FUN! There is nothing more annoying than showing up to a session and feeling awkward because you have no idea what to do and the photographer is not helping point you in the right direction. 

My sessions are like a date, or a family fun afternoon, where you have a photographer there to capture the moments! I encourage the laughing, the crying, the crazy moments when everyone is belly giggling for minutes. These are the moments of this chapter you want to remember, not some stranger capturing you fake smiling through thoughts of discomfort.

3.) The Style

When picking a photographer one of the main things to keep in mind is style! Some photographers are more light and airy, others more dark and moody. When selecting a photographer always look through their work first and ensure their style matches what you are looking for! When in doubt, talk to them about it! We all have exactly what style we love in mind and would love to explain it to you!


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