Walking In A Winter Wonderland

December 30, 2021

We are in the season of unpredictable weather here in NE Ohio. Lake Effect can literally role in within minutes of a session and if you are up for the adventure, so am I! 
Picture it – You are on your way to your session. The sun is out and glistening over the freshly fallen snow from earlier in the day. Your hair and makeup are perfect. Then you pull into the park and the skies open up with snowflakes the size of quarters.

Amy + Jake were the perfect couple for this to happen to! They were ready for anything and handled the cold and snow like champs! When this happens we just work a little faster and take some breaks for us to all warm up in between (I always keep a blanket in my car for these moments!) Other than being cold and maybe a little wet nothing about the session changes; we still laugh, have fun and capture the candid moments along the way! 

Something else that helps make these fun are ACCESSORIES! Who would’ve thought right? Amy had the cutest fur hooded jacket so while she was warming up, we were still able to capture some cozy moments with her husband! You can do coats, hats, even thick and chunky sweaters can be a hit! 


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